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Welcome guys , I have recently been following Gay Porn Stars on Twitter and Facebook and was shocked at the attitude of a lot of them! Some were complete assholes? I thought it was time we should name and shame these guys into at least trying to act with a bit more humility. However there are nice guys in porn too, and it is my aim to promote these guys with regular posts and also Questions and Answers. If you have any good or bad experiences of gay porn stars, get in contact with me so you can comment or I can post for you! Look forward to blogging with you guys, to posting some hot pics and shaming those porn assholes!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Guess who?

Which big dicked porn star was heard bawling outside the Castro Theatre after losing for Best Sex Scene? He had bottomed onscreen for the first time and was hoping to win the GAYVN award after getting kudos for his performance from everyone in the industry. He spent the entire weekend drunk.

So when he lost he sounded like someone just died. He threatened to quit the industry which he did after winning for the same category at the Grabbys a few months later. Needless to say he came back to the porn industry and the studio where he bottomed playing a doctor

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Guess Who?

Which big porn star was so in love with his scene co-star he bombarded him with phone calls and messages for days and weeks after!

Unfortunately his scene co-star didnt feel the same way and after being harrassed too many times told him to fuck off!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Is the Fleshjack boy competition unfair?

OK so I am biased and have always supported Ridge Kane to be one of the Fleshjack boys because he deserves the success and is such a nice guy! However I was thinking, is the competition really an equal playing field, or do some people have more advantage than others?

I think what finally convinced me that others have a unfair advantage, was when one of Ridges' rivals was promoting himself on video! Surely this was a sign of desperation to win?

Ridge has done a fantastic job with the resources available to him, just Twitter, Facebook and word of mouth. Unlike some of the other contenders, he has no major studio backing him and giving him extra promotion. He has a full time job so is unable to dedicate himself to the competition like some others have! He has no website to self promote himself on either! And compared to some of the rivals he is a relative newbie in the porn world, so does not have the following some of the older stars have!

Next Year maybe they should make the Fleshjack boy more even? Any suggestions as to how?

In the meantime with the competition closing in just over a day, it's time for me for the last time on the blog to promote Ridge Kane.

Please vote for him using as many email addresses as you have using the link on the right hand side of the blog.

Thanks as ever

Porn Stars Exposed

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Introducing.....Colby Keller

With Grateful Thanks to Greg Endries from for the GIF's of Colby! They are bloody fantastic! Click on them and watch Colby in action!

If there is one porn star that will always hold a special place in my heart then it's Colby Keller. Colby was the first Porn Star to follow me on Twitter and is now my oldest follower too!

I have a great affinity with Colby as we are both tall and have big feet! But most of all Colby is a great guy, someone you can chat to, have a laugh with and is downright sexy and horny! He first came to my attention when he was fucked by Chris Rockway and Jeremy Walker. That scene is still regularly played by me as it's so hot!

Colby took time out from his busy schedule to answer some questions from Porn Stars Exposed.

Welcome Colby,First Question, How did you get into the gay porn industry?
I know I’ve answered this question in interviews before, but I had always been curious and decided to contact Sean Cody when I was an undergraduate and wanted to make some extra money. I’ve only recently been a bit more engaged with my fans and other porn stars through my blog, The Big Shoe Diaries at and have really been enjoying that.

When is your birthday?
Mid-October – I’m a Libra, very balanced

Who would you like most to do a scene with?
There are some guys featured on Men At Play and StagHomme that I’d love to be paired with. I’m very attracted to guys with body hair that don’t shave (a little bit of very mild trimming is fine). Also, because I am big, I tend to have a weakness for guys bigger than me. I think Devin Draz might fit that bill.
(How about 6ft3 tall hairy bearded British Porn Star Colby? Hint Hint??)

Do you have any fetishes we are unaware of?
He he he…I like spanking, in a very playful way. I love wrestling and rough-housing and have been known to wear a singlet.

Do you have a full time job away from porn? If so what is it?
I do have a couple of other contractual jobs. I’m also an artist, which occupies a lot of my time.

Are your family aware or your porn background?
I don’t think so.

What is you favourite scene you have done?
I really liked working with Kevin Falk on Randy Blue. He was such a big fun guy and the sex was very passionate. Very sexy and laid-back and being that he was from another country had fun perceptions about America that he enjoyed sharing. Conner Habib stands out in mind as well because I like him so much as person. It was very easy to work with him because we both have a shared understanding of the industry and what’s required to make something look good.

How does a guy like me get you into bed?
Wit, humor, confidence, honesty and intelligence are required to bed me no matter how hot someone might be physically.

How does it feel to have complete strangers see you naked and fuck?
It’s work and I’m fortunate enough to like it. The initial titillation of it disappeared some time ago.

What is the biggest cock you have taken?

I plead the 5th, but on screen, it was Leo Giammani’s.

What is your favourite movie of all time?
As a child, it was the Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen. As an adult, I’m not capable of answering that question.

Do you like SuBo?
I admit I didn’t realize she had this nickname until after a quick Google Search. But, I think she’s an amazing phenomena. The music she sings is not normally the kind of stuff I would listen to, but I love the idea that someone who does not fit the normal profile of a music celebrity is successful. Popular music has been such a sham for so long that it’s refreshing to see people pay attention to some less plastic-y popular performers. I would now like for her to do some three-way collaboration with Lady Gaga and Beyonce and to premiere their work at

What is the strangest thing you have been asked to do during sex.
For me the strangest thing is what I’ve been asked NOT to do. I’ve had sex with a few men who don’t like to be kissed. I’m a huge fan of kissing and so when people say they don’t kiss or don’t like to kiss, I find that to be very strange and I find it equally hard to comply.

What’s an ideal first date for you?
Meeting up with someone I’m very attracted to, immediately having very hot sex, showering and heading out for a good meal and exploring a new neighbourhood together….then heading back for more hot sex.

What is the most turned on you have been on screen?
Gosh, that’s a hard one. I guess that would be a scene where I was really “close” for the majority of the shoot, which would have been a scene I did way back when with Foster on Sean Cody. He was a lot shorter than with a very hot body and there was something about that his sexual nature that just had me on the edge the whole time.

When did you last fuck? And who with?
Saturday morning with my boyfriend.

Have you ever had any on set disasters?
In all my time working in porn, the only “disaster” I’ve had was with one straight model I didn’t get along with…I had to take a break to calm down before finishing the scene.

Who were your porn idols growing up?
I always loved Arpad Miklos and had the opportunity to work with him on a Hothouse film a couple of years ago…that was fun. I started watching gay porn when I was 15 and I remember really liking Jason Branch and fantasizing about him fucking me.

Name 3 things people don’t know about you?

I did my undergraduate work in Anthropology which informs not only my art practice, but also how I view everything in contemporary life, from porn and sexuality, to food and music.
I have never watched any of the professional videos I’ve made.
I’m smarter and more capable than

What is your opinion of gay for pay stars?
They are like any group of people. Some of them are awesome and lovely and some of them are really lame.

What goals do you have in life?
To be present for everything that’s coming and to enjoy myself as much as possible.

What is your opinion of bareback porn?
I hope that the companies producing it are doing everything possible to protect the health of their actors. My opinion on it still vacillates wildly on any give

What do you do if you need to cheer yourself up?
Distract myself with something interesting ‘til the sadness passes.

If you were someone else, would you date yourself?
Of course! I’m lovely.

Do you Twitter?
Shamelessly @ColbyKeller

What do you consider yourself? Top, Bottom or Versatile?
Versatile 100%. I continue to get cast more frequently as a bottom because I’m capable and professional about it, but in my private sexual life it really runs 50/50

What do you see yourself doing in the future away from porn?
The same thing I’m doing now. Working in the industry affects my life far less than I think most people realize.

Where is you ideal holiday destination?
I’m a man of seasons, so it would depend. In the Fall, I love hiking/camping and the great outdoors; in the winter, I’m a fan of big cities; in the spring, I love gardens and flowers; and in the summer, I’m huge fan of beach towns and the ocean.

Where do you live now?

Do you have a partner?
Yes, of 5 years.

Finally Colby will you reveal what your real first name is?

I assure you that Colby is very real.

Many Thanks to Colby for answering the questions put to him.

If anyone deserves the success in the porn world, then it is Colby , who is without doubt one of the nicest stars out.

Perhaps you like Colby that much , you want to vote for Colby Keller as Porn Stars Exposed Most Like Twitter Porn Star for June, you can do this using the form on the right hand side.

If you have comments then please add them or email

PS Colby where is my signed DVD!! hehe

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Guess Who?

Which porn star was seen coming out the toilet cubicles at Hustlaball with 2 other guys?

Friday, 7 May 2010

Porn Star Experience - When I met Logan Reed

As you know I Like you guys to write in with your porn star experiences. The following was sent in to me with his story of meeting Logan Reed. Thanks to JT for sending it in.

He was the reason I believe wholeheartedly in the saying "you never want to meet your heroes." He wasn't my hero per se but he was this amazing sexy and handsome masculine man of versatility I had seen on the screen in every film he had done by that time (so yeah definitely some idol/hero worship on my part) so when I found out he was coming to the Campus Theatre in San Francisco, I made plans. Called in sick from work, told my family I was going to a late party (wasn't out yet), caught the train for his evening show and went to see him perform. I believe he was at the height of his popularity and looking back at that time, I think he might have been obligated to appear. He looked bored and uninterested. You could see it in his eyes. When he made his way around the audience, I had twenty bucks I was going to shove in his socks. I was so excited. He stepped before me, I put the money in his sock and he wouldn't look at me in the face...still bored but when he finally did I remember smiling. However the look on his face was just...there was no smile, no 'hey how's it going' or 'thanks for coming', no hint of kindness; he wasn't disgusted but he looked irritated,'s hard to explain. I know I felt like shit and left about 10 minutes later. I was crushed and I never watched another scene with him in it. Now 20 years later, I'm a single man with a great job and disposable income in an age where many porn stars are available for private meetings. I know more about gay porn and the men involved than I ever have and I refuse to try to meet any of them because I still remember how it felt. Logan Reed is probably not an evil man or vicious but I still want my twenty bucks back lol. Had a chance to train with Samuel Colt and I turned it down for the same reason. You never want to meet your heroes because they don't always want to meet you.

If you have any porn star expeiences that you would like to share, however good or bad, then email

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Introducing .......Ridge Kane

Another week, another hot porn star!

This week is one of my favourite guys, Ridge Kane, someone I can now call a good friend! I even have his telephone number, and no I am not giving out!

Ridge is well liked by you all, as you have already voted him for him in your most liked Twitter Porn Stars and it's easy to see why. Ridge is currently in the running to be one of the 3 models for the Fleshjack campaign and gets Porn Stars Exposed backing all the way!

Ridge took time from his full time job and busy schedule to talk to PSE

So Ridge, How did you get into the gay porn industry?
I got into it because a couple of my ex's were big into the industry (Not naming them, lol)

When is your birthday?
August 23rd, 1976

Who wouldn’t you like to do a scene with?
I can't name a name....thats mean! LOL

What are your favourite colour underpants?
Underpants? Really...who wears underpants these days...I DONT...

How do you prepare yourself for a shoot?
Prepare myself? Mentally or physically? Mentally, I just go in and have fun. Physically, well we all know what a man must do to get ready! LOL

Do you prefer hairy or smooth?

Do you have a full time job away from porn? If so what is it?
Yes I do, Ultrasound Tech

Are your family aware or your porn background?
HELL NO! can you spell disown!

What type of scene do you like doing?
I love weird places to have sex! my first scene ever was in a bathroom stall! CAN YOU SAY HOT!

What turns you on sexually?
blow on my ear or dick and well its all over

When you top, how long do you normally last before cumming?
about 20 min....give or take

Are you a Gleek?
DUH....The power of madonna episode was AWESOME!

What is the strangest thing you have been asked to do during sex.
geez, i think this one guy asked me to shit on him...I GOT UP AND LEFT LOL

When are you coming to the UK?
when I get work in porn.....LOL hint hint( And I would love to do a scene with you! PSE)

Do you prefer cut or uncut cocks?
both actually...its a dick! LOL

What’s your favourite colour?
baby blue

What accents turn you on?
Australian and British for sure!

Is there anything you would never do on screen but would privately?
I am a very passionate kisser and to me thats private...

Do you have a partner?
Yes I do and he is the most wonderful and understanding man there is...his name is JT Barnes

What are your 3 best traits? And what are your 3 worse?
Three best...personality, smile and eyes....Three worst are have to have the last word, forgetful and mouthy

When is your next scene out?
not sure....hoping to start more work here soon

How do fans contact you?
twitter and facebook

Name 3 things people don’t know about you?
I have 5 tattoos, about to be a ford expidition, and spray tan..LOL

How would you describe yourself?
chill, laid to have fun and romantic

What do you consider yourself? Top, Bottom or Versatile?
Top/Vers! BUT I do know how to bottom VERY WELL!

How does a guy like me get you into bed?
um just say hi? LMAO...kidding, it takes a couple of times to hang out before that'll happen.

Do you have any fetishes we are unaware of?
I love water sports! Its hard to find someone who loves that!

Finally will you reveal what your real first name is?

Many Thanks to Ridge for the time to answer our Questions.

Remember to vote for Ridge to become a Fleshjack boy! Click on the title on this post, or their is a link on the righthand side of the blog! Ridge is such a sweet friendly guy that he deserves the success and with our help its possible!

Oh and if any porn studios are reading this I would love to do a scene with Ridge, Hint Hint!!!

Thanks as always

Porn Stars Exposed