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Welcome guys , I have recently been following Gay Porn Stars on Twitter and Facebook and was shocked at the attitude of a lot of them! Some were complete assholes? I thought it was time we should name and shame these guys into at least trying to act with a bit more humility. However there are nice guys in porn too, and it is my aim to promote these guys with regular posts and also Questions and Answers. If you have any good or bad experiences of gay porn stars, get in contact with me so you can comment or I can post for you! Look forward to blogging with you guys, to posting some hot pics and shaming those porn assholes!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Introducing......Manuel Rokko

Each week , I will be introducing you to the nice guys of Porn! These are the attitude free stars that have time for the fans and talk to them. Remember stars, its the fans who make you popular! My aim is to promote these guys into bigger stars that they are already are!

Today we start of with Manuel Rokko. Although not a household name yet, he has already worked with , Jalifstudio, Cazzo, Lucas Entertainment and With scenes with UK Naked Men and Raging Stallion in the pipe line this sexy man is destined to become hot property!

Manuel was kind enough to answer some probing questions I put to him.

When is your birthday?

Dec 19 1979

How tall are you?

How did you get into the gay porn industry
Well my first scene I did for that is from buddiesonline (same people of, good friends btw) and I’m actually applied for it online just to try. I never thought that actually they’ll gonna call me or contact me for it but well they did n that was fun to do. Then because of my job I had to move from USA to Europe and I decided to base myself in Barcelona. An TV actor friend that told me that I should do porn and I said nahhhhhhhh, plus I didn’t know anybody here in Europe, in the porn industry and he says that’s not a problem. He did and put me in contact with one guy that now is one of my best friends and favorites directors in Jalifstudio. So he called me for a casting and that how everything got started.

How do you prepare yourself for a shoot?
The normal one, talk with the director to see what he wants and grooming beard, plus the normal cleaning and a few weeks of gym before.

Do you have a full time job away from porn? If so what is it?
Yes I'm a Broadway Dancer and Choreographer for cruises.

Where were you born?
I was born in Caracas Venezuela

What do you consider yourself? Top, Bottom or Versatile?
Totally versatile is the best way to be from my point, if you I think if you are just one of them for any reason you put limits on yourself.

Who would you like most to do a scene with?
Scott Tanner (I would agree with Roryck on this one! - Who wouldn't?)

Are your family aware or your porn background?
Some of them are

What type of scene do you like doing?
Leather kinky kinda rough sex scene

Have you ever been offered anything in return for sex?
Yes plenty specially photos

Are you a Gleek?
Yes I am it turns me on or are we talking bout the TV show? lol

What is the strangest thing you have been asked to do during sex?
Do a split over a cock but I can so no big deal

What is your guilty pleasure?
Ice cream

Do you have a partner?
No I'm still single

What do you like to drink?
I don't usually drink but when I do vodka cranberry and wine

Name 3 things people don’t know about you?
That I eat like a pig whatever crosses my face
That a serial killer face is just a look
That I'm grumpy in the morning if I don't have a coffee

Do you have any regrets in life?

A few but is gone by now, you live and you learn and try not to do it again

When did you last fuck? And who with?
Last night and just god knows his name lol

Do you like SuBo?
She has a great voice lol

Do you Twitter?
Yes @roryck

What annoys you?
Stupid people, attitude and diva queens

Which is best sex on set? Or sex off set?
Off set, on set there's a lot of things that you have to be aware off besides fucking

What would turn you straight?

Whaaaaaaaat ? Lol nothing I love men there's nothing better than sex with a man plus you know nobody can give better head than other guys so why change that you know " don't fix it if it's not broken"

Finally,If you had a wish granted what would it be?
Be happy whatever that means

Thanks to Manuel for taking the time to answer the questions, and to Cristian Torrent Productions for using their photos.


  1. Manuel Rokko is one hot porn star that I would love to meet after the preview of his scene with Cristian Torrent in Sneaker Fuckers.

  2. I like the pic in the sling and pool. Nice penis.

  3. What a cool interview. It's so good to see that just because of his job Manuel is just as down to earth like the rest of us. He answered personal questions which is a sign he is happy and has nothing to hide. Bonus is he's a great looking guy.
    I like this Q&A section of the blog, I can't wait for the next one.