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Welcome guys , I have recently been following Gay Porn Stars on Twitter and Facebook and was shocked at the attitude of a lot of them! Some were complete assholes? I thought it was time we should name and shame these guys into at least trying to act with a bit more humility. However there are nice guys in porn too, and it is my aim to promote these guys with regular posts and also Questions and Answers. If you have any good or bad experiences of gay porn stars, get in contact with me so you can comment or I can post for you! Look forward to blogging with you guys, to posting some hot pics and shaming those porn assholes!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Guess who?

Which big dicked porn star was heard bawling outside the Castro Theatre after losing for Best Sex Scene? He had bottomed onscreen for the first time and was hoping to win the GAYVN award after getting kudos for his performance from everyone in the industry. He spent the entire weekend drunk.

So when he lost he sounded like someone just died. He threatened to quit the industry which he did after winning for the same category at the Grabbys a few months later. Needless to say he came back to the porn industry and the studio where he bottomed playing a doctor

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