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Welcome guys , I have recently been following Gay Porn Stars on Twitter and Facebook and was shocked at the attitude of a lot of them! Some were complete assholes? I thought it was time we should name and shame these guys into at least trying to act with a bit more humility. However there are nice guys in porn too, and it is my aim to promote these guys with regular posts and also Questions and Answers. If you have any good or bad experiences of gay porn stars, get in contact with me so you can comment or I can post for you! Look forward to blogging with you guys, to posting some hot pics and shaming those porn assholes!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

April 2010 - The Well Liked And Unliked Twitter Porn Stars

Each month, Porn Stars Exposed will run a vote to see which Twitter Porn Stars you like and the ones you found dull. As we only started blogging last week, Aprils result was rather rushed so the winner/losers will only hold the title for a couple more weeks. The result proved rather surprising as to whom people like and dislike. We did have to disqualify though one entry though Jack Saxon.

You now have a few more weeks to get your vote in for the May title. Email with your selections of your porn star likes and dislikes and also comments to why!

Now time for April 2010 results......Drumroll time!

Most liked

1st Michael Brandon
2nd Colby Keller
3rd Dillon Buck
4th Ryan Russell
5th Ridge Kane

Congratulations to Michael and well done to the others for being popular

Mentions go to Nash Lawler, Conner Habib, Tristan Jaxx, Brandon Lewis, Samuel Colt and Bret Wolfe who all featured on the liked list

Finally its the annoying Porn Star Twitter, the guys you said you found either boring or not pleasant.

Most Unliked

1st Steven Daigle
2nd JR Matthews
3rd Trevor Knight
4th Aden Jaric
5th Jayden Grey

Better luck next time guys! Maybe you need to change your Tweets!

Thanks for all the votes cast and keep on emailing your comments.


  1. Michael Brandon is a sweetheart and one of the best hosts ever.He makes sure that everyone is having a great time at the parties he is in charge of.

  2. Thanks for your comments Lars! Could you enlighten me as to why this blog blows?

  3. Hmm, surprised Rob Romoni isn't listed. He is always tweeting and usually replies directly to people.

  4. I definitely agree with Steven Daigle! the others aren't nearly as bad as he is.

  5. Wow, check this out!! What a nice surprise! Thank you to all that was part of this process. I've often said and I'll say it again....
    "My fans fucken rock"

    Hugs and tugs,

    Michael Brandon

  6. Awesome post, I think it's always good to see what the public think of porn stars. I think Michael Brandon is a worthy winner, he always takes the time to reply on twitter. Ryan Russell is another good guy, always takes the time to say hi. As for the unliked guys, I agree, Steven Daigle is annoying, I had to unfollow him on twitter as I got bored of hearing about the parties he was going to with his porn friends, twitter is supposed to be updates of your day not the same old thing everytime.

  7. Ive been an online follower of Michael Brandon's tweets for a while now and can wholly vouch for his friendly, witty and horny missives he posts, but to raise him even higher in any followers' estimation - he's thoughtful, interesting, attentive and charming too. The guy's the real deal and hotter than the sun. Highly recommended!

  8. Steven daigle is such a douche bag. I've tried tweeting him but never once gotten a response. He'll only talk to you if it has something to do with him... And even that's rare. He's too busy kissing ass with the real porn stars trying to get "in"

    definite loser. The porn world is better without him. I will never waste my time watching him.

  9. I'm excited for this blog! Please keep up the great work!

    Yes, there are GOOD and BAD porn stars out there. Good for you naming names. And Twitter is a very powerful tool.

    Looking forward to more.