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Welcome guys , I have recently been following Gay Porn Stars on Twitter and Facebook and was shocked at the attitude of a lot of them! Some were complete assholes? I thought it was time we should name and shame these guys into at least trying to act with a bit more humility. However there are nice guys in porn too, and it is my aim to promote these guys with regular posts and also Questions and Answers. If you have any good or bad experiences of gay porn stars, get in contact with me so you can comment or I can post for you! Look forward to blogging with you guys, to posting some hot pics and shaming those porn assholes!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Why am I doing this blog?

It's been 12 hours since the last post caused a bit of stir in the porn circles, with some unsavoury comments aimed in my direction. I could name and shame the people involved but I am better than that. There was an option for people to contact me with comments, did they do that no, they decided to bitch instead. At the time I was enraged with the comments made, and was intending to fire off my mouth. However time has tempered my responses.

Firstly my blog is not all about hate and when have I expressed hate towards anyone? The blog is also about promoting the nice guys of porn and there are lots of them. They are the guys that take time to talk to the fans, respond to Tweets and do not ignore them because they are not in the Porn Biz. Over the coming weeks I will be promoting Porter Wescott, Ridge Kane, Colby Keller and Ryan Russell. These are decent guys, who I am happy to help out. For people who know me, they are well aware I will do anything for them. I was quoted yesterday by a well respected porn star.

“I prefer to keep grounded, down to earth and always friendly. It’s for the fans anyway. I don’t see the point in the ‘porn diva’ attitude"

The Most Liked and Disliked poll seems to have brought this furore to every ones attention. The purpose of the poll blog was not for Porn Star Exposed to personally choose and publish who is likes and dislikes. No, it was put to the public vote for people who follow me or the blog. Porn Stars Exposed just collated the data and published it. There were quotes given as well,and I could have printed those, but on this occasion I decided against it! Maybe in the future I should? That would be more enlightening.

The tweets towards me were derogatory, calling me a retard and that I spread bullshit gossip. It showed up these guys for what they are and why this blog must continue. People need to start show some humility towards your fans. Without us you would be nothing and your career would disappear. And for your information it is not bullshit gossip, I know what I am talking about and had plenty of more information at my disposal!

I was going to quote the tweets that were made about me and then respond to them. However I thought against it for the time being. Maybe I will get a thank you to those people for not exposing their names and saving themselves the shame?.
But I had to respond to the one below as it made me laugh.

Don’t give the blog anymore credit then it deserves! It's had a whopping 23 visits, hardly enough to count, lets not let it! You should delete your tweets with the link so nobody even knows how to get to it!

Hello??? 23 visits? By chance were you looking at the number of people who have cast a vote in the poll?

I would like to thank the messages of support I here are a couple of the comments received:

'I think that means you're doing something right! Keep up the good work! F*ck em if they can't deal, it's called #life!'

'What they forget is that they need to keep the normal guy sweet as we buy the films. Twitter is a powerful tool when used, good or bad. Keep up the good work.'

And guys, if you still don't like my blog, don't show yourself up and bitch, just email me with your comments

Thanks as always

Porn Stars Exposed


  1. Some people can't handle the truth.We are the ones who buy their product duh.This is why porn is more popular on XTube then ever.

  2. I love this blog, I don't see any retardedness on behalf of the publisher. If people don't like what they see then they just don't have to log on again, it's not really a difficult choice. They have seemed to only focus on the negative dislike of the pornstars forgetting that there is also the most liked part to the post too. What is to say that someone on the disliked list will not be on the most liked list next month? If porn stars are that worried about what people think about them, then maybe they are in the wrong job.
    Carry on the good work Porn Stars Exposed, I shall be back to see what your next post is about.

  3. Yeah, this is definately a good, blog. I really hope it catches on I've debated starting one similar to it in the past.